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Pre-natal Chiropractic

Pregnancy Chiropractor in Grand Forks ND

Pregnancy + Chiropractic = Safer Births - Performance Chiropractic 

Chiropractic care while pregnant is safe and very effective. Benefits include, helping with nausea, back pain, premature contractions and breech babies. Patients can start coming as soon as they find out about the pregnancy and continue being treated well to the end of pregnancy (even while in labor- in special circumstances). 

But don't feel like you need to be nauseated, have back pain or premature contractions or breech presentations. You could simply want to have the best pregnancy possible! Click HERE to see more about having a great pregnancy and birth with help from chiropractic.

Back Pain During Pregnancy - Performance Chiropractic 

During pregnancy, your body is constantly changing to ready both you, and baby, for delivery! It's an exciting time, but the changes to your hips and pelvis can lead to back pain. During your final trimester your posture will change dramatically as well- putting extra pressure on your low back and mid back. Chiropractic adjustments are a great way to alleviate those new aches and pains without medication. 

What about pregnancy complications? 

In the case of breech babies, Dr. Hallgren can also perform the Webster Technique. This is a very successful procedure that has been studied and published in scientific research. Please read more about Webster Technique at the following links:

Breech explained by The American Pregnancy Association

Webster Technique Research

Please watch the following video to help you better understand why chiropractic is so important during pregnancy. WATCH VIDEO


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