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We value our patients' experience at Performance Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Stacy Hallgren

My two year old boy was scheduled for tubes in his ears and speech therapy because of constant ear infections since birth.  The week before his surgery I had heard that chiropractic treatment can help with fluid in the ears.  At first I was skeptical, but then thought, what do I have to lose, I'd rather try this first than put my little guy through surgery!  He was Dr. Hallgren's toughest patient!  It took 3 or 4 visits before he finally warmed up to her and lay down for her to get his neck area adjusted!  She was able to adjust in other ways with another device and manipulate parts of his back and neck before he would finally lay down for her.  But, we even noticed improvement after that very first visit and continual improvement with the fluid at each visit.  We did have to see her a couple times a week at first, but within about three months the fluid in his ears has nearly completely disappeared and now we see her only once a month!  And, we never did go to speech therapy!  Before we started at Dr. Hallgren's, he could only say 5 real words, now he is talking sentences!  I would recommend anyone contemplating having tubes put in their child's ears to first try this.  I tell people about this all the time.  My only regret is that we didn't start seeing Dr. Hallgren when he was diagnosed with his first ear infection as an infant.  Now he wants to see "the doctor" all the time and gets upset when we drive by her office and don't get to go!
Dawn Z.
Thompson, ND

 I started going to Dr. Hallgren when I was pregnant with my third child.  She helped me tremendously throughout the pregnancy.  I continue to see Dr. Hallgren as she not only relieves my chronic neck pain but also educated me on how to live a healthy lifestyle for me and my family!
LaNei C.
Oslo, MN

I have been to 8 to 10 chiropractors, without no hesitation or doubt in my mind Dr. Hallgren is the best I have been to.  Any doctor can adjust a neck or back, Dr. Hallgren adjusted my feet to my neck.  My shoulder for instance was tender for awhile, but when she adjusted my shoulder there was relief I didn't even know I needed.  I use to fight pro Boxing and MMA, Dr. Hallgren said I needed to come back one week before a fight.  What I'm saying is that she never tried to get more appointments out of me.
Butch H.
Grand Forks, ND

I have been going to see Dr. Hallgren since October 2008.  She has helped me through hip pain with my first pregnancy.  After my daughter was born I brought her to see Dr. Hallgren when she was two weeks old.  My daughter was hardly sick her first year of life and I credit that to regular treatments with Dr. Hallgren.  My daughter has only had one ear infection, we brought her in on a Monday and again on Wednesday and hear ear infection cleared up without any antibiotics.  My daughter love to go see Dr. Hallgren, in fact she asks to go see her.  Dr. Hallgren is a great doctor because she is very personable and explains everything she is doing and why. She is great with children.  Dr. Hallgren also helped my husband and me with sinus problems and back problems.  I feel so blessed to have someone like Dr. Hallgren in my life to keep my family and me healthy and pain free without any medication.

Kristi B.

Arvilla, ND

My family has been seeing Dr. Hallgren for 3 years. We started seeing her for normail check ups and now find that we see her every couple of months for general body "maintenance". I saw Dr. Hallgren more during my pregnancy and found that the monthly adjustments really helped me stay flexible and pain free throughout my pregnancy. Our family has really appreciated the advice Dr. Hallgren has given us on a variety of topics. We consider her just like a primary care physician and have recommended her to many family members and friends.

Amy E.

Grand Forks, ND

I first saw Dr. Hallgren when I was 7 months pregnant with my second child. I was having severe back pains, and was generally uncomfortable. Having never been to a chiropractor before, I was a bit nervous. Dr. Hallgren made me feel at ease right away, and took the time to thoroughly explain to me exactly what chiropractic care entailed and what she would be doing. I continued to see her through the end of my pregnancy. Shortly after my daughter was born, she was also experiencing some pain, as a lot of newborns do. My husband and I were unable to comfort her, so I took her to see Dr. Hallgren. Once again, she put my nerves to rest. It took several visits, but she was able to help my daughter with her discomfort. Now I have an extremely happy and content little girl! I would recommend Dr. Hallgren for anyone seeking a caring and professional chiropractor.

Nicole D.

Grand Forks, ND

I was told by my OB/GYN that my son was breech and I would more than likely need a c-section. They recommended that I try a "version" beforehand (this is physical maneuvering of the baby to get it to turn ). I called Dr. Hallgren's office late on a Friday afternoon and she was able to fit me in. I live an hour away so she said she would stay and wait for me (wow, how nice!) She showed me how the Webster technique worked and gave me some excerises to do over the weekend while at home. I wasn't sure if it would work, yet on Monday when I had my appointment my son was head first. I really attribute what Dr. Hallgren taught me about the Webster technique for turning my son. Since the birth of my son, we have been seeing Dr. Hallgren on a regular basis. First for his reflux and then for cranial-sacral therapy. Overall, he seems calmer after seeing Dr. Hallgren. I really appreciate how she explains, her guidance and for being a great listener. Dr. Hallgren truly shows a sincere interest in myself and my son. I would recommend Dr. Hallgren to anyone who wants to receive care in a professional, welcoming atmosphere. Her professional and friendly demeanor is unmatched.

Melanie S.

Grafton, ND

Our son was starting down the path of getting tubes. With Dr. Hallgren's expertise, she cleared his ears and every time he started popping a tooth her treatments would avoid an ear infection that was inevitable.  We've been able to to rid his ear infections and ultimately avoid the long term effects of antibiotics. Throughout both my pregnancies I had problems with hip pain. When I found Dr. Hallgren she was a miracle worker in that my body felt better than ever and I was able to enjoy the rest of my 2nd pregnancy and a natural birth! That's right-I truly feel she made birth enjoyable!

Erin N.

Grand Forks, ND


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